Support CWC Hollywood

Support CWC Hollywood

Why give?

California’s funding for each student ranking near the bottom of the nation, covering only the bare minimum. We rely on community giving to cover the additional resources we all believe are essential to a great education.

Community Giving enables CWC schools to secure necessary funding to fully implement our CWC learning model that we all love. 100% of funding raised through community giving stays at the school to support your child’s education. Community giving funds are needed to support all of the holistic programs that make CWC so unique, support students as they build skills needed to lead across lines of difference, and work towards serving as true citizens of the world.

How we’ll get there…

The Annual Family Give (AFG) is one of the most important ways you can show your support for our amazing school!! EVERY donation makes a difference.
Make your Annual Family Give gift now

Don’t forget to find out if your employer will match your AFG gift! Check out to see if your employer participates in this program. 

The most FUN fundraiser of the year! This event offers students an opportunity to engage their community, practice a healthy lifestyle, and show support for their school.

Dance the night away and bid on some AMAZING items in the spring!

More information to come!

There are many ways to support community giving, but here’s a few examples: planning and attending community socials, keeping en eye out for Dine Out Dates, and purchasing CWC Hollywood swag!


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