6–8 Overview

Our Learning Model

Our learning model allows students to achieve their fullest potential by supporting their academic growth, emotional development and understanding the diversity around them.

At CWC, we focus on Academics, Social Emotional Development (often referred to as SED), and Difference & Inclusion. SED and Difference & Inclusion work is done with students, staff and parent community – that’s how deeply this work is embedded into our school.

CWC’s middle school model creates a rigorous, child-centered program tailored to the needs of adolescents. Staff development, caregiver workshops and student programming are all grounded in brain science and developmentally appropriate content and experiences for this specific age group.

Middle School Instructional Approach

In middle grades, we tailor learning experiences across our model to provide a rigorous academic experience, practice invaluable SED skills to prepare students for high school, foster students’ positive self identity and develop their social justice orientation.

CWC Hollywood students often matriculate to our sister school, CWC Silver Lake.

Learn about CWC Silver Lake’s middle school instructional approach and curriculum.

Learn about what a day in the life of a CWC Silver Lake middle school student looks like.

New Middle School Campus!

We are thrilled to share that we are about to break ground on our new Middle School facility! This beautiful new campus will be located 3 blocks from our Silver Lake elementary school site at 2301-2323 Beverly Boulevard and only 12-15 minutes away from our CWC Hollywood school site.

 This creates a full TK through 8th grade program for all CWC students. Visit the CWC Silver Lake website to learn more.

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