Administration/Office: Principal, Special Education Director, Main Office



      Teaching StaffTeachers & Teaching Assistants

      Student Support TeamReading Interventionist, Counselor, Speech Pathologist, Behavior Interventionists

      After-School Enrichment Classes:

      Enrichment Programs:

      Lunch Volunteer Squad: Marion Montagna,

      Office Help Volunteer Squad: Diane Case,

      Outreach Committee: Jamie Rubin,

      Fundraising Committee: Heidi Kalin,

      Cultural Bridge Committee: Sundeep Morrison & Heather Harbicht,;

      Gardening and Beautification Committee: Diane Case,

      Art Exhibition Team: Yana Schwartz,

      Green Committee: Christine Van Zandt,

      Facility + Safety Committee: Diane Case,

      Room Parents: Joy Plas,

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Citizens of the World Charter School – Hollywood
1316 N Bronson Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90028

Phone: 323-464-4292
Fax: 323-464-8292

CWC Regional Office | phone 323-464-4063 ext 510

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