About Us

At CWCSL, we are committed to providing a challenging, experiential learning environment to develop students’ confidence, potential, and individual responsibility as true citizens of the world.

About CWC Hollywood

At CWCH, we are committed to providing a challenging, experiential learning environment to develop students’ confidence, potential, and individual responsibility as true citizens of the world.

As the flagship school of the first national charter school network with a commitment to economic and racial diversity, CWC Hollywood is helping to guide the conversation about defining excellent education, while building a broader base of support for reform. We believe our success will inspire a renewed respect and support for public schools, and the excellent education they can deliver to all students.

Academic Excellence

In addition to ensuring students excel on standardized tests, CWC is focused on an academic program that prizes critical thinking, creativity and community building. So at CWC, art, music, physical education and social-emotional development are core parts of the curriculum for all students.

CWC takes a balanced approach, complementing the creative, project based and constructivist instruction with detailed assessments of each child at the beginning of the year and at three additional times throughout the year. We know with precision how each child is performing and can provide additional phonics and math fact instruction if needed to ensure a strong foundation in core skills.

Low class size, a lead teacher and teacher’s assistant in every classroom, ongoing professional development, data analysis, and generous planning time are some of the key ingredients that make this model possible.



We believe that the diversity of our communities is not only our greatest strength, but that children who have the lived experience of diversity will be better equipped to be effective citizens of the 21st century, with a unique capacity to engage across the boundaries that have traditionally separated us. Through targeted outreach and recruitment, our schools are designed to reflect their surrounding communities in terms of race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status.



CWC seeks first to build community among students as social emotional development is taught with the same rigor as mathematics. Students gain explicit skills in how to resolve conflicts, manage emotions and have empathy.

On a parallel track, CWC considers parents to be essential partners in education and critical to students’ academic success, to long-term educational reform, and to the health of our communities overall. We believe it’s our responsibility to partner with all families, regardless of economic standing or cultural background, by providing opportunities for their meaningful involvement, from volunteering in the classrooms, to attending performances and education workshops, or helping with beautification, among many others. Parents are, in fact, the co-creators of CWC schools. Working alongside CWC Schools’ leaders, parents have volunteered countless hours toward recruitment, community outreach and school development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a high-achieving public school for a diverse community of students, developing their abilities, confidence, and sense of responsibility for themselves and their community.

The four cornerstones of our operation work collaboratively to embody a true “community of learners”.



CWC students engage in rigorous, active learning processes that develop conceptual understanding and self-knowledge. CWC embraces the diversity of individual students’ skills, learning styles and array of multiple intelligences, ensuring that children have the opportunity to grow not just in core academic areas, but also in the arts, music, physical education and character development.

Our standards-based curriculum is continuously tailored to individual needs. We utilize assessment data throughout the year to ensure that each student meets and exceeds state performance standards and the academic performance of neighboring schools, as we help each child develop a true lifelong passion for learning.


Our collaborative professional community supports CWC’s teachers with ample planning time, training, resources and autonomy. Teachers are able to continually develop their skills, collaborate with one another, and create, evaluate and refine curriculum that best fits their students utilizing a variety of ongoing assessments to track students’ progress.


CWC emphasizes the school/home partnership and free-flowing communication as integral to the success of the children. All CWC families are urged to participate actively in the school community as volunteers, valued stakeholders and participants in regular family education workshops and school community activities.


As Citizens of the World, we cultivate leadership, independence, self-knowledge, appreciation for different perspectives and respect, both within and beyond school walls. Just as we ask the community to support our school, so too will the school support the community. Student-designed service-learning projects, created during weekly classes devoted to this endeavor, enable each member of our community of learners to make a real and lasting contribution to the world around us.

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