Teacher Jen (TJ) descends from a line of educators, though initially resisted the familial push to join the profession! They grew up in Colorado with a love for mountains, basketball, and drum line. TJ fled the nest to Seattle for undergrad and a subsequent job in civil rights education and advocacy at the Council on American Islamic Relations. From Seattle, they journeyed to Washington, D.C., where they worked as a bike courier before seeking climate-controlled alternatives. Years of volunteer work with queer youth programs sparked a renewed interest in education, and TJ began teaching at a expeditionary learning school in Washington D.C. After finishing their Masters of Education at Hopkins in 2018, TJ relocated to LA from DC with their partner, an LA native. When TJ is not poring over students’ amazing entries in their writing journals or adorning their work with stickers, they are likely reading The New Yorker, cooking a multi-course meal, cooing at their rooftop garden, or talking to someone about how much they love math!