Betsy Rogers

Betsy Rogers

2nd Grade Lead Teacher

Mrs. Rogers is delighted to be a 2nd grade Lead Teacher at CWCH. She is dedicated to CWC’s philosophy and is committed to collaborating with students, teachers, families, and the community to ensure that each unique learner is equipped with the tools to thrive, lead, and contribute their gifts to humanity. In addition to her work in the classroom, Mrs. Rogers is a founding member of Hollywood’s MCD team and CWCLA’s regional math team, the focus of the latter of which has been to ensure alignment and share best practices across CWC schools in the area of Mathematics.

Prior to joining CWC in 2015, Mrs. Rogers spent several years serving Los Angeles’ diverse student population as a teacher and paraprofessional in both public and independent schools. A former behavior interventionist, Mrs. Rogers is trained in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Mrs. Rogers received her BA in philosophy from CSULB and student taught through her university’s CAPS program—an association that brings developmentally appropriate philosophy lessons into public schools.  She then received her California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Azusa Pacific University, where she was selected to lead a workshop and panel discussion on SDAIE strategies.

When not teaching, Mrs. Rogers enjoys singing in the Agape International Choir, practicing Kundalini Yoga, playing golf, and spending time with her family, her husband, Matt, and her fish, Mooney!

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