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Governance & Policies

For more information about our Board of Directors and to access a schedule of our board meetings and materials visit the CWC LA Governance page

CWC Hollywood Charter (2020-2025)

Scroll through to find other important policy and governance documents:

COVID-19 Policies

CWC’s COVID-19 Safety Plan

CWC’s Student Vaccination Requirement for Eligible Students

LAUSD Board of Education COVID-19 Policies (updated Dec. 14, 2021) – Board of Education Report // Meeting Agenda // Presentation

LA County Department of Public Health daily COVID-19 data

CWC’s Employee Vaccine Policy (reference page 48 in the Employee Handbook)


LCAP 2021-22

EPA FY21-22 Spending Plan

2020-21 Principal’s Council / ELAC Agendas and Minutes


ESSER III Expenditure Plan – CWC Hollywood

EPA Expenditures FY 20-21 

CWC LA Family Handbook 20-21

EPA Spending Plan FY 20-21

CWC Hollywood Learning Continuity Plan 20-21


CWC LA 2019 Final Audit Report

CWC LA EPA Funds 2019-20


CWC LA FY18-19 EPA Expenditures – Hollywood

EPA Funds CWC LA 2018-19


CWC Hollywood 17-18 EPA Expenditures

2017-18 SARC HW

17-18 EL Master Plan

17-18 Fiscal Policies

LCAP 2017-18




LCAP 2016-17

LCAP Stakeholder Input Timeline and Agenda CWC H Spring 2017

English Learner Master Plan 2016-17

2016-17 School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

HW Family Handbook_English 2017

HW Family Handbook_Spanish 2017


CWCH charter (2015-2020)

Title IX Policy and Contact

Local School Wellness Policy (LSWP)

LSWP annual progress report

Local Control & Accountability Plan (LCAP) Progress Monitoring and Input/Development Timeline

Uniform Complaint Policy 

Citizens of the World – Hollywood Original Charter Petition

Citizens of the World – Hollywood Charter Renewal Petition

Administration of Medication Policy

Attendance Policy

Education for Homeless Children and Youth Policy

Field Trips & Excursions Policy

Education for Foster Youth Policy

Independent Student Policy

Student Freedom of Expression Policy

504 Policy

Education Protection Account

USDA Non-Discrimination Statement

CWCLA’s Non-Discrimination Policy

Annual Performance Based Oversight Visit Evaluation 2015-16

Title IX Policy

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