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At CWCH, we are committed to providing a challenging, experiential learning environment to develop students’ confidence, potential, and individual responsibility as true citizens of the world.

Parent Volunteerism and Engagement at CWCH

Parent volunteerism is key to the success of any school, and is an important part of CWCH’s school philosophy and vision.   CWC Hollywood is very committed to equitably engaging all families and finding a multitude of ways for CWCH families to plug into life at school.  The school firmly believes that parent volunteers not only strengthen the school, but have an invaluable positive impact on students as well.   Participating in volunteer opportunities provides CWCH parents a chance to connect with other members of the community.

At CWC Hollywood, the request is that all families contribute 40 hours per school year.  The school believes this is a fair and reasonable amount of time to ask of all families to ensure the healthiness of the school community. However, no student is ever denied admission, disenrolled, or receives a reduced grade or loss of educational benefit if parents choose not to volunteer.

While parent engagement opportunities change a bit from year to year, CWCH offers a wide range of opportunities for parent engagement: classroom-based volunteer opportunities (on a consistent or occasional basis) and work within whole school committees or volunteer squads.  Below is a graphic that represents the varied parent engagement opportunities at CWCH.

Here is a list of current CWCH Committees:

      Swift Drop Off Volunteer Squad

      Lunch Volunteer Squad

      Office Help Volunteer Squad (be on a list to help with office projects)

      Outreach Committee (recruiting new students and families to CWCH, tours, presentations)

      Fundraising Committee (planning/running drives & events to raise money for CWCH)

      Cultural Bridge Committee (planning multicultural celebrations for all families)

      Spanish-Speaking Community Group (Affinity Group for Spanish-speaking families)

      Korean Speaking Community Group (Affinity Group for Korean-speaking families)

      Gardening and Beautification Committee (Garden projects, art installations)

      Photography and Documentation Committee (Yearbook, Family Portrait Project, documenting curriculum and events on film)

      Art Exhibition Team (help art teachers prepare for Exhibitions)

      Green Committee (help to make CWCH more green and plan Earth Day)

      Facility + Safety Committee (coordinate emergency kits, “Find it Friday” and work on facility projects)

      Community Partnerships and Fun (plan fun community events, cultivate outside partners, service projects for school)